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What is fonworld?

fonworld is a service to save up to 90% of the costs on calls to domestic extensions and to foreign countries. The service is based on Voice over IP. (VoIP). fonworld is a credit-based service that provides the greatest possible flexibility and independence.

In addition to that, fonworld got useful bonus-features. To gain access to our low priced rates a registration is necessary. There is no basic fee or hidden costs. A alteration of the contract from your service-provider is not necessary.


How does the service work?

There are five different options to use fonworld:

You can use fonworld from your computer when using a softphone. Therefore you have to download a softphone and have to complete the adjustments with your fonworld data.

The second option is to use the fonworld service with our webfon. Please register and choose the person you'd like to talk to in your customer area.

Apart from that, there is an option to install a SIP terminal equipment (e.g. FritzBox) at your telephone system and adjust this to the usage of fonworld. Then you will benefit from the fair fonworld prices every time you place a call.

You can use fonworld smoothly with your mobile phone when using an App. Apart from our own fonworld App for Apple products, we do recommend other Apps which can be used when utilizing an Android phone or a Blackberry.

With our Callback-Service you've got the opportunity to benefit from the fair fonworld rates from landlines or mobile phones. When you fulfil certain requirements the use of the Callback-Service can save roaming costs.

Additionally, for our German customers we offer a geographical access number to benefit from the fair fonworld rates.

Please make sure to have a look at the detailed explanations for the usage of fonworld in the how-to section.


What is SIP phoning?

Using the SIP technology when making a call means, that the phone call is based on Voice over IP (VoIP) and uses the Session Initial Protocol (SIP). The conversation is split-up into data packages, and then sent over the internet.


When do I have to dial the geographical access number 069 22 77 94 88?

The geographical access number is only available for our German customers.

For example, if you get a monthly free quota or a flat-rate from your service-provider, you can dial into our service at 069 22 77 94 88 without connection costs.


Speed-dials / Contacts

In your selfcare section at - your personal account you've got the possibility to put speed dial numbers to your contacts to simplify the dialing. To set-up the speed dial, go to the "contacts-section".

After the successful set-up of your personal telephone directory you can reach your entry by dialing the access-number + the corresponding speed dial number.


How much does fonworld cost?

At fonworld there are no connection-cost and no basic, monthly fee. You only pay for what you really phone.

At in your selfcare area - your personal account you always have full cost-control.


How do I recharge my credit?

You can charge your credits at any time with our secure billing-system Megabill (SSL encrypted).

To do so, click on the menu item "Manage credits" at in your selfcare area.


Which methods of payment are available?

We offer the following payment methods to you:

  • Paypal
  • giropay
  • credit card
  • Sofortüberweisung
  • Vorkasse
  • Moneybookers
  • Lastschrift
  • eps-Onlineüberweisung

Does my credit expire?

You keep your points as long as you use fonworld at the least thirteen months. If you don't use fonworld longer than 13 months, we'll close your account and your points (if any left) will be wasted.


How do I get an itemised bill?

You'll get an downloadable itemised bill at any time on in your personal account management.

Log in with your user data and click on "Itemized bill" at Invoice / Bill.


Do you offer customer service?

Currently, the customer service is available via e-mail only. Please send your questions to Your questions will be answered as soon as possible.


How does the call-back service work?

With our Callback-Service you've got the opportunity to benefit from the fair fonworld rates from landlines or mobile phones. When using the Callback-Service, please make sure to fulfil the following requirements to avoid any roaming costs:

  • local mobile phone (for example a prepaid-card or a contract for a mobile phone in the corresponding country)
  • landline in the corresponding country
  • dial-in via the webfon

On Dial-in via the mobile phone or a fixed-line phone, the number has to be registered in 'my numbers' in your fonworld account. This is needed to assign the number to your account.


How do I find out about the latest tariffs?

The most up-to-date tariffs you always find out at the tariff-overview.

Additionally, you have the possibility to let announce the latest tariff on the phone before every call you make with fonworld. You can activate this option in your preferences menu at any time.


How long is my credit valid?

Your points do not expire! If you don't use fonworld longer than 13 months, we'll close your account and your points (if any left) will be wasted.


Is there any activation fee, connection fee or maintenance fee?

There are no connection fees, activation fees and maintenance fees! You have to pay only for the minutes you really phoned with fonworld.


Where can I see my actual credit amount?

You will see your remaining credit every time you log in to your selfcare section on


I can't make a call. What's wrong?

There are 4 explanations why you cannot make a call:

  • Most probably you are not dialling as our dialling rules require. Please enter all phone numbers in the international format.
  • You dialled a wrong number which does not exist. Correct your number and dial again.
  • Your credit is not sufficient for this call. Check your account balance in your personal selfcare section on our website and load more funds if necessary.
  • Sometimes traffic may be extremely heavy. You may encounter this problem briefly and you will be able to call if you retry later.

I heard nothing when I was making a call and it automatically hangs up after several seconds. What's wrong?

Make sure you are following the dialling rules. In most of the cases this is a temporary problem with your local network. Please retry later then. You may also restart your fonworld client and try again. If you keep having this problem please contact our support team with all details you have at


I can not place calls. How can I solve the problem?

Reboot your computer and restart the fonworld soft client. If you cannot find a solution to your problem, please collect all information in detail. What error message do you receive? What number have you dialled and from where? Please contact our support team at We will be able to help resolve the problem.


I hear an echo duruing the conversation. What's wrong?

Echoes can appear due to many circumstances, such as your network connections or because of the party you are calling. In many cases it means that you or the person you called are using speakers instead of a headset. Please try to use a headset or at least keep the microphone away from speakers and reduce the volume. This should help.


I can not hear the other party. What can I do?

Make sure that the other party has a microphone or a headset that works.


Can I send text messages (SMS) with fonworld?

Yes, after your registration you've got the opportunity to send text messages.


Calling german service numbers

Customers with a german mobile phone or landline can now call german service numbers via fonworld. Especially if you are using a mobile, calling via fonworld can give you huge savings because providers charge up to 42 cents/minute when you call from a mobile.

fonworld can offer its customers tariffs from 7 ct./min. with immediate effect. You can find individual tariffs in the tariff summary:

To call these numbers dial your access number and then the required service call number.

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